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Todd, just wanted to share with you what a memorable time Wilson and I had fishing with you and Marty.  You run a first class outfit that runs like a finely oiled machine. Thanks again, we really enjoyed our trip.

Scott & Wilson - from Wooster Ohio


Hi Todd!!! Today was simply all time for us! There are very few days in life where you feel like you are floating and this was one for All of us!!! I was beyond proud as a father today... got to see my boys rise up!!! On top of that, we made two new friends! (Please share with Chase) I sincerely cannot thank you both enough for your patience, hard work, and positivity!!! You are as good as they come! Our boys will never forget today and that is what life is about!  We will always help your company! We will post but more importantly, stay in touch! Have a great week fishing!!! Tight lines!!!

John Ernsthausen


Hey Todd, Just wanted to give a last shout out to say thank you for the great time...crazy great experience...good luck the rest of the season and Go Blue!

Dan Borucki


Just wanted to take a minute to share my experience with Todd Reed, his first mate Chase, and Jackpot Charters. I met Todd probably five years ago fishing with him on a relative's boat. Ever since that first experience, I knew Todd was a man of Integrity. He would literally take the shirt off his back for me if I asked him too; and I know the same can be said of him with all of his friends and family. And the man can Flat Out Fish! Once you fish with Todd, you will understand why he so often gets his customers re-booked for the following year before they depart from him after their first trip! He will go where the fish are and him and Chase are going to work their tails off to get as many hookups as possible for you. He also will give you lots of tips when fighting your fish to help you do everything possible to bring that fish to the net, so be sure you listen!! Todd spent many years in the Service as well as in the Police Force in Toledo, OH where he is from. This Spring, Todd and his lovely Wife Tonya, invited me down to fish walleyes out of Lake Erie. It was wonderful and I came home with tons of fish! With me living in Ludington, I oftentimes will get calls from Todd to fish with him during the evenings on fun fishing trips because he knows I love to fish. This year, he brought in Chase as his First mate, and even though he's a student at the University of Michigan (we all can't be perfect), Chase's knowledge and instincts for making the necessary adjustments to catch fish, only help solidify Jackpot Charters as a great choice in my opinion. So, if you're looking to not only have a family fishing trip you will never forget, but also meet good people who you will call friends, look no further than Jackpot Charters!

Logan Wessendorf

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